WordPress E-commerce Product Categories Not Showing in Theme Menus

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The Problem

We’ve noticed a few unanswered forum posts around the web asking things like “How do I get WPEC Product Categories in to menus?”.

You may have run in to this problem whenever you install and activate WPEC as this functionality is not directly available out of the box.

There may appear to be no way to add product categories, variations or product tags to your WordPress theme menus.

You may also have tried deactivating plugins and even changing themes without any success.

Well we have the answer and it will probably leave you banging your head against the wall for not working it out yourself.

The Solution

The solution is ridiculously simple – just follow this 3 step process:

It’s really that simple!

What is WordPress E-commerce?

The WordPress plugin: WPEC is a controversial e-commerce platform for WordPress.

Many WordPress developers have abandoned the platform, as it has developed a reputation for being unstable and making changes that break things when the plugin gets updated.

Personally I continue to use WPEC because I have never experienced such issues and have spent many hours learning the template functions and figuring out the correct way of setting it up. There are many other reasons to support it which are beyond the scope of this article.


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  • Sevenson

    Waow, really simple way to add categories to wordpress e-commerce plugin! I lost some hour for make that, more it’s simple, more it’s complicated! thank you for this skills!

  • arcanoid

    I LOOOOVE YOU !!!!!!!! Thank you so much for this simple explanation that saved my fucking work day life…