Simon Middleton“A course I would happily have paid good money for” – Simon Middleton – BanjosDirect.co.uk & brand advisor

These free SEO Training Courses in Norwich will give you all the essential knowledge you need to rapidly improve your website traffic.

Whether you’re a complete novice or you understand the basics, the Yodelay SEO Course will ensure you’re up-to-date with the latest know-how and show you exactly how you can start applying it effectively.

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5 reasons how this SEO course can help you:

  • Make informed decisions when undertaking a website re-build.
  • Learn the myth about being number 1 in Google and instead focus on the search terms that will really benefit your business.
  • You’ll get the latest tips and tricks in the fast moving world of the internet.
  • Get one step ahead of your competitors.
  • Zero fluff – all good stuff!

I have over 16 years experience working with some of the finest companies and professionals in the industry and I won’t bore you with jargon, instead give you straight-forward advice which you can immediately put into practice and benefit from – or your money back! (It’s a free course, so there won’t be any actual money to claim back… but you get my point).

My one day course is completely free, light hearted and informative. I cover a variety of SEO and social media topics, including:

  • The fundamental principles of search engine optimisation
  • Keywords research & understanding search behaviour
  • On site SEO training & performing your own SEO audit
  • Live demonstration of how to get a web-page ranked in under an hour
  • Off site SEO training, link building & authority creation
  • Local SEO and the semantic web

Some feedback from my course:

Clare Montgomery“I came away with lots of new tips and ideas to put into practice.” – Clare Montgomery – beaujolaisandbeyondwines.wordpress.com

Kirstie Tostevin“It’s a must for anyone wanting to bring their business into the digital age.”->Kirstie Tostevin -UEA Business School

Becca Sibley“Insightful and interesting and I didn’t feel out of my depth or stupid at any point.”-Becca Sibley

Paul Dickson“Stacks of top tips and excellent insights…I’d recommend this course to any small business looking for practical and accessible advice.” –Paul Dickson

Emma Garwood“Taught me so much…about building authority on the web. Now to put it into practice…!”Emma Garwood – Outline magazine

Simon Williams “A fantastic day course which enhanced my existing SEO knowledge and expanded upon it” –Simon Williams – bespokebrazil.com

Jay felt the Yodelay SEO course gave him lots of useful information“I’m now fully armed with great tools and useful tips for digital marketing that really matter to my new business ventures.” –Jay Garmino



Duncan has been an active player in digital marketing since '97 and is now an aspiring digital philanthropist. As a regular speaker amongst the Norfolk Business community he enjoys nothing more than debunking myths about SEO and sharing practical advice directly to business owners that want to embrace the net. He believes that collaborative technologies can change the world for the the better.

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