There's More to Web Copywriting than SEO

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There’s no denying that search engine optimisation techniques are crucial to any web content strategy. But they are far from the only thing you should consider, and if you or your web copywriter is focusing too heavily on the SEO element you may be missing out on vital opportunities.

SEO copy should of course include your keywords and phrases, but if this is its only ingredient then the potential of your content will be severely limited.

Web copywriting is about persuasion

The purpose of your content is not simply to be found by web users; if it was then SEO alone would suffice. Its other purpose is to persuade people to read on and then take action. To do this your content needs firstly to be top notch – it should be written convincingly and compellingly and contain no errors. This will persuade the reader that your company has a professional attitude and lends a certain air of authority to what you have to say.

By focusing on the quality of your web copywriting, you make your audience more receptive to any claims you make about your products or services. To persuade them further you should then back your claims up with proof. Finally, a killer call to action, or CTA, should be used to explain succinctly how the reader can take further action. For example, ‘call us today for a consultation’ or ‘download our product catalogue’.

Focus on benefits

To really connect with web users, your SEO copy should not focus on the features of specific products or services, but instead, on the benefits that they can bring to the reader. Avoid talking only about your company and its products, tell them about how their lives will be improved by taking up your offer.

It’s a subtle shift from the usual: “We made this great product to help with your time management…” to something more personal for your reader – something that addresses his or her needs: “Time is short, we know. Keep some of it for yourself with Nifty-Product-Name.”

Hone your own online voice and your marketing messages

Really successful online companies take the time to craft a distinctive voice and incorporate this into all their web copywriting. By developing your online voice you can distinguish yourself from the potentially hundreds of similar companies out there who are also trying to capture the attention of your customers.

You should also decide on a number of clear marketing messages that you are trying to convey, and incorporate these into your SEO copy. For example, you might offer the fastest delivery, or exceptionally high levels of customer service.

Interest and intrigue your visitors

One of the things that is often overlooked in online content when it is created with SEO in mind is that it should be interesting and really hook the reader. Dry, bland content might bring get noticed by a search engine that will direct readers to your site, but it certainly won’t keep those visitors there.

Make your content easy to follow

The structure of your content is also an important factor, as it can impact heavily on user experience. Your web copywriting should flow naturally and be broken up into relatively short paragraphs, divided in appropriate places by subheaders – like this post!

Finally, it’s worth remembering that Google’s algorithms now take things like quality and user experience into account, so whichever way you look at it, there’s more to web content than SEO and keywords.

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