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Little SEO Ninja’s Path to Enlightenment

We have designed, compiled and released an infographic, which demonstrates the 2 fundamentals of search engine optimisation, RELEVANCE and AUTHORITY highlighting their synergistic relationship as the yin-yang of SEO.

It has been cleverly disguised an ancient scroll containing a hand-painted map of the world in which SEO Ninja follows his path to enlightenment.

SEO Ninja

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Ninja Infographic Print Version

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The PDF files are both A3 size.

The Story & How This Map Came To Be…

Once upon a time, there was a little ninja who wandered endless plains dispiritedly in search of true SEO enlightenment. He journeyed for what seemed like an eternity through vast fields of grass, dry desolate deserts, through the day and the night and even ventured across seas.

Eventually the little ninja ventured through dangerous terrains and scaled mountains as tall as the eye could see, he found a house. That house belonged a wise and humble elder whom taught the little ninja the ways of true SEO. He learnt techniques which would naturally boost his search engine rankings without forcing them or using methods which would become detrimental to his rankings over time or when Google released an update. With the elder’s wise words, in no time the little ninja became Little SEO Ninja and found enlightenment at last.

Thus, the story of Little SEO Ninja was complete.


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