Pitfalls & Opportunities in Digital Marketing

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It’s a real challenge to avoid pitfalls in digital marketing. Everyone tells you, that digital marketing becomes more and more difficult after the latest updates by Google. SEO has evolved and the SEO relation to web copywriting is heavily discussed. But digital marketing is by far more than just SEO or copywriting. It’s about providing value to your target audience. You will only be successful if your audience is satisfied by your content. As you can tell, the first step you have to make is to define your target audience.

After doing this you have to develop a content strategy, that satisfies the previously mentioned target audience. There are lots of very different content strategies in the internet. They all provide various ways how to promote your content successfully. You may choose the strategy that fit’s you best, because you won’t be able to combine all of them.

But talking about HOW to be successful in digital marketing is falling shortly. You need to know the pitfalls that you have to avoid. If your audience is dissatisfied, you’ve lost them and will have a hard time to gain back their trust.

The Form of Content

Since you know your target audience, you know what content you have to deliver. I don’t have to tell you, that you have to deliver value for your audience to stay satisfied. But do you provide the content in the right form? It’s proven that podcasts and video series boost your traffic for 30% in average. But it’s more than just the traffic boost. You need to use the medium, that your audience prefers most.

Let’s say that your targeting business man, that travel a lot. Do you have a podcast they could listen to while driving the car? Business man love to consume content passively while doing something else, so make your content accessible in that passive way.

Or is your content about guides and tutorials? Have you ever tried to follow a written road map? Make sure that you provide videos of your guides, allowing your audience to follow your process step by step.

Blogposts are the most common way to provide content and they perform very well. It’s the standard that you probably shouldn’t miss. You just need to aware of other mediums that your audience might like.

The Behaviour

Interacting with your audience is very essential. You want to build up a relationship with your visitors. When you aren’t able to gain their trust, they won’t believe you. Switch the positions and view yourself as if you where a visitor seeing your page for the first time. Are you using the right tone in your voice? Do you adopt the wording your audience is used to? Is the design of your site related to your topic or just to your own preferences?

Is your text easily readable? Most people don’t read texts, they skim through them. You need to format your text accordingly, so it is easy to get the important statements without having to read the whole text or even searching for them in way too long sentences like this one. Don’t use long paragraphs, they prevent readers from quickly skimming your text.

The Value

Probably the most important pitfall that may trap you is the value. When you’ve overcome the first two pitfalls and you get your audience to actually consume your content, you need to provide the value your audience is searching for. There are several ways, how you can find relevant content. You just need to use them.

For example when you’re in the dog training niche, search in Google for “forum:dog training”. This will give you a list of all forums that are relevant for dog training. Then you can search for threads named “Need help with…”, “Don’t know how…” and so on. Other useful Google hacks are the searchterms ‘intitle:’, ‘inurl:’, ‘site:’ or ‘related:’.

Other ways are searching the bestseller lists on Amazon.com. Most books provide a look inside, which gives you the table of contents. Of course I don’t encourage you to copy the contents. Instead you can use this as source of inspiration and digg deeper into the topic. Since the book is a bestseller, you publish content the people are definitely searching for.

The third source I want to mention are trending topics. Regardless of Google Trends, Twitter or social bookmarking sites – you can see what the internet is talking about on those platforms.

So, these are three of the most important pitfalls in digital marketing, that you definitely need to know about. Make sure, that you keep them in your head everytime you publish content!

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