How to Do Business with a Golden Egg Goose

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If you were to find a Goose that lay Golden Eggs, would you pick up the eggs or nurture the Goose?

This is a question that has kept me smiling quite a bit just recently.

In the past I frequently had dealings with people (business people) that I would share my ideas, knowledge and experience with to help provide advice and direction with their Digital marketing Strategies.

Quite often I would never see these people again.

It was though they thought they had got the “secret” and then ran off chuckling to themselves how smart they had been.

Since being in business by myself (9 months now) I have only seen it a couple of times.  I think it may have something to do with human nature.

Yodelay is upfront a Social Enterprise and I make sure people know that before hand.  Something nice happens when business people realise that our main motivation is to provide the best expertise at an affordable price on behalf of society.

I think this helps to remove an instinctive sense in a lot of business people that they are in a situation where they have to fight for every penny and get out.   The sentiments that “business is war” and “you need to be on your guard” have been removed and so those that approach with that kind of mindset are immediately disarmed.

This new mindset will lead to an endless supply of new ideas being given to them because they are now willing to cooperate on pursuits that equally reward all involved.

There’s a rumour going round it’s called a “win-win” situation.  Crazy name, it’ll never catch on!  ;o)

Have a Good Easter Bank Hoiliday Folks,


Dusk UEA Broads Hipstamatic Camera Jon s Ina's 69 (I think)

Dusk UEA Broads Hipstamatic Camera Jon s Ina’s 69 (I think)



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    Grab the Goose!

  • harnesskeir

    Good thoughts. Dare I say reflects the zen like philosophy of removing your self from the equation. Social enterprise is a great model for 21st Century business.

  • admin

    LOL Keir… good choice, please promise me you’ll at least pat him on his head and tickle him under his bill first before you embark on your manhandling