SEA CON Worldwide Digital Marketing Case Study

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Project Type : Digital Marketing Consultancy

Date of Project: July 2011 – August 2012

Project Summary

Client Requirements

  • Deliver more website traffic and Sales Leads

What We Did

  • Development of on site content strategy
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Off Site SEO


  • Large increase of sales enqiuries
  • 12% Increase to website traffic
  • Created an authority website around the clients products

Project Brief:

To increase website traffic and increase the conversion of visitors to enquiries. Tactics employed are SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation).


SEA CON Worldwide are industry leading producers of electrical and optical connectors primarily for undersea use. The Company is headquatered in San Diego California and has an R&D branch in Texas, plus global divisons in Europe, Asia and South America.

The group provides electrical and optical connectors to CERN and the Large Hadron Collider. SEA CON technology is employed in the ANTARES project searching for Neutrinos in the Mediterranean sea.

Alongside a strong manufacturing base the group has a pedigree of design innovation and complex project management.

The company had invested in a project to bring the online presence of all the SEA CON divisions onto a single website.

European head of Marketing Mel Harrison was referred to Yodelay by business growth expert Chris Batten. To discuss ways in which traffic and conversions could be increased.

SEACON Global Offices


Project Specifics:

SEA CON is very much a sleeping giant of the internet and at the start of the project were unaware of their ability to develop a fantastic authority website, based on the detailed technical content created by SEA CON staff.

The project involved two processes; one to review the SEA CON website and to provide a Digital marketing Strategy that will result in a greater number of sales leads being generated through the website.


Search Engine Optimisation :

It is not enough to simply deliver traffic to a website the crunch aspect of any SEO project is the conversion metric, which could be the number of extra sales generated or the number of extra sales leads generated.

Right from the outset we considered the best way to optimise the existing website without having to go through the costly process of a full rebuild whilst delivering ROI.

In order to deliver a search engine friendly site and page structure, we opted to create a WordPress powered back end to the site. This solution delivered control of the site content to the SEA CON team.

A Link building strategy based around the great technical content SEA CON staff had created over the years was put into action.

We make sure SEA CON articles and blogs are posted to the most relevant industry websites and use on line press releases to ensure the latest SEA CON news is aggrigated across the most relevant resources on the web.


Conversion Optimisation :

The SEA CON website is not an e-commerce platform so the definitive metric of the SEO success is the use of the onsite enquiry form, which allows visitors to the website to request the SEA CON product catalog either in hard copy or on CD.

Through this form SEA CON staff generate their sales funnel and capture important contact and market information.

The form itself and the path visitors took to reach it were both problematic and causing blockages in the conversion funnel.

The form contains several compulsory fields and was causing a high exit rate. By reducing the number of compulsory fields and recording only essential contact information the process of completing the form became easier and faster for users.

To increase the number of received enquiry forms we made sure that all product pages deliver the level of technical information required by SEA CON clients and that the route to the form is highly accessible via graphics and links.



As the improved SEO of the site delivers more traffic, the form enquiries grow also. In our second of our regular client meetings SEA CON revealed that the number of completed forms received in one month was nearly three times greater than the entire previous 12 months.

Through goal tracking we are able to define clearly the visitor routes to the contact form.

Through optimisation the site has been found by and extra 1,000 non brand
related search terms.

Tracking the user journey to the information request page we have to take into account the new website is an amalgamation of three other websites so the traffic data has to be normalised against the historical data from the other websites.

Accounting for normalisation we can see an increase in the number of search terms being used by visitors who completed the request for information form by a factor of 3.

We also now know which product types sen the most traffic to the request form. In turn this provides data which helps us asses the viability of e commerce on the website.

The visitor engagement metrics have improved greatly;

  • The Bounce rate is now below 31%
  • Visitors spend over one minute extra on the web site 4.38 on average
  • Overall site traffic has increased by 12%
(Figs based on year on year comparison Jul-Nov 2010 and Jul -Nov 2011)


What next?

  • As we move forward with SEA CON the next phase is to penetrate non English speaking search results in key areas.
  • Introduction of a social engagement for SEA CON as we guide their teams in process of connecting with customers through social media.
  • E Commerce will be split tested to assess it’s viability for SEA CON on relevant product ranges.

Our work with SEA CON requires innovation and a pace of development that the client is comfortable in assimilating within it’s organisational structure.

We can not force a pace of change and development that is not sustainable or understandable for the client.

So we keep to the Yodelay ethos and develop client skills and knowledge, involving them on project tasks where appropriate.

2012 will be a big year online for SEA CON and Yodelay will be right there with them delivering bespoke cost effective digital marketing consultancy.


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