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Website Hosting & Creative Strategy for Social Media Campaign

Initially we were approached with a request to help improve local distribution sales of Adidas Eyewear resellers.

This was a consultative job and we provided a Step-by-step guide for each of the official Adidas retailers to getting their businesses listed in Google Local (now known as Google Places) together with recommended Category and keyword listings.

We also provided a Social Media Strategy to modify and enhance the MyID2 website to be more interactive and leverage the websites profile with the snowboarding community online.

The highlight of the strategy came in the form of a virtual snowball fight based upon You Tube video  submissions of its members. Members of the site would be encouraged to upload their videos for judgement by their friends. Judging took the form of throwing either a “White” snowball or a “Yellow” snowball keeping in humour with the community’s unwritten rule that you don’t touch yellow snow.

Using the connections of the high profile boarders used in the promo site the campaign would be initially seeded through their Facebook networks with initial PR coming from Snowboard and Whitelines magazines.


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